My name is Frank đź‘‹

I'm a software developer and an engineering manager at my day job. For years I have had side projects, developing small projects, because I feel I'm not satisfying my urge to the craft, to develop. Develop something from nothing, getting an idea and building it. The most satisfying and productive feeling I can think of.

I started as a software developer, and am now an engineering manager at a medium sized fintech company in Denmark. As my role and responsibilities have changed, I noticed a lack of coherence and vision of mine and my colleagues day-to-day tasks. We would have all sorts of long term goals and roadmaps, but no structure to navigate through our everyday tasks.

We run everything through GitHub™, and works great for issue tracking and keeping track of general progress, but have you ever tried to get an overview of all your current tasks on GitHub™?
Usually what I'm interested in as a developer, is what issues I have been assigned, the status of the pull requests I have created and other developers pull requests that I have been assigned or requested a review to.
In GitHub™ this requires 4 different browser fans.

For all those 4 categories, I usually have between 10 and 30 tasks. How do I prioritize those 30+ tasks?
GitHub™s own solution for this is their “Projects”, which is really nice, but I have to manually add all my tasks, including new ones when they arrive, and I know myself, there is no way I'm going to remember to keep that list up-to-date.
And now as a manager, my team often requests which of their tasks to prioritize, and then again I have to have 4 browser fans of GitHub™ for each of my 11 colleagues.

That gave me the idea for Sweetjab.

Sweetjab Frank Hald

Me and my girlfriend Rikke on Møn.