Prioritize GitHub™ issues

Sweetjab combines your issues and pull requests from GitHub™, into a single page, to easily prioritize and delegate.

Install our GitHub App and prioritize your issues, in 1 minute.

Used by at least one person

You can’t prioritize issues on GitHub™

Requires a lot of browser estate to get an overview of only one team member.

So stop trying to make it work.

Don’t get me wrong, GitHub is great, I use it everyday. But you can’t prioritize issues, pull requests, review requests and assigned issues/PRs.

Sweetjab is the missing piece, and seamlessly let’s you prioritize and get an overview of your organization.

Keep track of your tasks

Easily get a quick overview of you and your teammates tasks. Switch between showing the team members backlog or prioritized tasks. Effortlessly review the whole organizations to-do lists.

Prioritize tasks & unassigned issues

Drag and drop issues in order of priority, for all members. And the same for unassigned issues that needs to be solved at some point. Or add to a custom list you might call "backlog", or "Never gonna do this, but need to remember, just in case".

Overview of ALL issues & PRs in one page

All issues and PRs in one place. Search and filter your whole organizations issues and PRs. Everything from when the issues where closed, to labels, to assignees. And save your repeated searches for easy use later.